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IOS Control Center Comments Off on IOS Control Center

Why aren’t the icons in here selectable (in non-jailbroken environments)? I would dump Calculator and put something useful in there, such as enabling Hotspot.

Datepicker usability Comments Off on Datepicker usability

Why is the default way to move through months HORIZONTAL arrow buttons? If so, the weeks should also extend into horizontal direction, having Mondays in row one, Tuesdays in row two et.c. Wouldn’t it be more natural to move through the months in an UP-DOWN fashion? Good example below to the right:

IOS default apps usability Comments Off on IOS default apps usability

    Why is the New Mail action button not in the top right corner?   Calendar: top right.   Contacts: top right.   Messages: top right.   Mail: NOT top right! Rather, all the way at the bottom.  

A usability study of iTunes Comments Off on A usability study of iTunes

Apart from the iTunes of today being very slow and being the ICQ bloatware of media managers, let’s have a look at its sub-par usability feats and the myriad of subtle bugbears. It is quite incredible: Apple is an amazing company churning out highly usable stuff like the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. Yet: […]